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Client Onboarding Meeting Template

How do you conduct a client onboarding session? Looking for some sort of blueprint to ensure you get the best out of the session? Check out this template.

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What’s inside this Client Onboarding Meeting Template:

1 📝 Preparation

Has the client reviewed the relevant resources to familiarize themselves with the product?

2 📌 Set Objectives

How will the client measure impact with the tool? What behaviour change do they want the users to adopt?

3 💪 Product Roll-out

Client tries the tool with a small group of colleagues. Evaluate their questions, comments and reactions.

4 📁 Debrief the Roll-out

Client evaluates and discusses their colleague’s questions, comments and reactions.

5 🎯 Set Target User Group

Who at the company will be using the tool on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

6 🗣️Feedback

Ask the client what was the most useful part of this onboarding?

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