Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda Template

Determine what backlog items the team will work on during the next sprint.

Sprint Planning Meeting
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A sprint planning meeting is a timed working session where an entire team comes together to work through a set of product backlog tasks. The tasks are usually chosen by a product lead and the number of tasks chosen is dependent on the team’s capacity and the determined length of the sprint.

With this sprint planning meeting agenda template, you can lay out an agenda that will help your team better prepare for the sprint. Here are the areas that this meeting template covers:

1Last Sprint

In order to move forward successfully with your next sprint, it’s a good idea to review the activities of the last sprint. You could ask:

Use this time in the meeting to ask your team members for feedback and consider sending out a feedback request in advance of the meeting to discuss while you’re together.


The backlog is what the team will work on during the sprint so during your sprint planning meeting, it’s a good idea to identify, with the Product Owner, all of the items in the backlog — features, bugs, optimizations, etc. — that should be considered for the sprint and that meet the team’s definition of ready.

To make your sprint planning session more productive, the Product Owner should show up to this meeting with:

Without this work done, the meeting will be a lot less efficient.

3Sprint Goal

Most teams, when doing a sprint session, establish their velocity and determine how they’ll measure it. This will be completely unique to your team but a great way to figure out your goal is to look back at past sprint sessions and use that as a measuring stick.

If you’re a brand new team that hasn’t worked together before, measure the number of backlog items that are accepted and completed sprint over sprint.

4Team Availability

An important consideration in any sprint is the availability of the team that will work on the backlog items. You’ll want to assign team members to the sprint that aren’t going to be pulled away during the sprint session to work on other things.

5Assign Backlog Items

The last step in preparing your sprint planning meeting agenda is to assign the backlog items to the selected team members. Then, distribute your agenda to your team and get ready to have a productive sprint session!