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Hospital Staff Meeting Template

Looking for a meeting agenda template to use at your next hospital staff meeting? Look no further and follow this 11-step agenda we've outline for you.

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What’s inside this Hospital Staff Meeting Template:

1 Call to Order

Chairman calls the meeting to order.

2 Approval of Agenda

Adopt the agenda and indicate who is approving the agenda.

3 Approve of Minutes

Indicate who is approving the minutes.

4 New Business

Discuss new business arising.

5 Update

Present any general updates.

6 Noteworthy Events

Highlight any positive events in the hospital.

7 Quality and Performance

Are there any noteworthy updates or discussion points on the hospital’s quality and performance?

8 Service Reports

What updates on the service report should be presented and reviewed by staff?

9 Education

What educational initiatives are being brought forth? Are there any noteworthy updates?

10 Research

What research initiatives are being brought forth? Are there any noteworthy updates?

11 Closing Remarks

What closing notes should the attendees leave with? How should the attendees feel after the meeting?

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