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Remote Meetings

Templates that ensure your teams, clients, customers, or business partners will stay connected and engaged across different locations.

Daily Huddle

Try this template for your daily huddles and help keep your teams inspired, aligned, and informed

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Sales One-on-One

Coach and support your business development representatives with this weekly one-on-one meeting template

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Project Kickoff

Lay the foundation for a successful project and ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page with this project kickoff meeting template

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Formal Board

See an overview of a typical board meeting agenda and the areas you need to report on as the minute taker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are remote meetings?

Remote meetings are virtual gatherings where participants use video conferencing tools, audio calls, or online platforms to communicate from different locations. These meetings allow teams to collaborate, make decisions, and share information without the need for physical presence, overcoming geographical barriers.

How to run an effective remote team meeting?

Collaborating on a meeting agenda with clear talking points won’t just help your teammates prepare appropriately for the meeting. It will also help you foster discussions where everyone (including the quieter employees) feels empowered to participate. Additionally, planning an icebreaker during a remote meeting will strengthen coworker bonds and create an atmosphere of inclusivity.

How to prepare for remote team meetings?

There’s no doubt that preparation is the key to more productive remote meetings. Collaborating on a meeting agenda ahead of time not only makes your remote meetings more organized, but gives everyone a chance to read what other people want to discuss – so they can come prepared with questions, comments, and in some cases, further research. Giving people some context before the meeting will let you focus on what matters most – for instance, reaching a decision.

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