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Meeting Minutes Templates

Templates to help capture your team's discussions, decisions, and meeting minutes.

Meeting Minutes

Use this template to create an official record of the attendees, discussion points, and action items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes are a written record of what happened in a meeting including discussions, decisions, and action items.

What is the purpose of meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes serve as an official record of a meeting that provide historical documentation for a company’s past discussions, decisions, and long-term planning. These minutes can help ensure transparency and accountability as well as contain due diligence needed for legal protection.

How to make meeting minutes more effective?

To make meeting minutes more effective, start by planning your meeting agenda in advance. Then during the meeting, try to ensure all the meeting notes are captured by assigning a designated note-taker or by using a collaborative document. Make note of any key decisions, action items, and responsibilities. Once the meeting ends, promptly distribute the meeting to attendees and any other key stakeholders.

How to structure meeting minutes?

While the structure of meeting minutes vary depending on the needs of an organization and the specific type of meeting, there are some key elements to include. Structure the meeting minutes to have the date and time of the meeting, a list of attendees, agenda items to discuss, a record of decisions made, assigned action items, and the scheduled date for the next meeting.

For the specific structure of meeting minutes for a variety of meetings, check out the templates in this category!

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