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Staff Meetings

Keep your entire team informed and engaged with these staff meeting templates that cover important announcements, project updates, and cross-functional collaboration

Effective Staff Meeting

Leverage the power of staff meetings with this framework curated by Claire Hughes Johnson, Corporate Officer and Advisor at Stripe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a staff meeting?

A staff meeting is a regular gathering of employees led by a manager or team leader. During the meeting, participants discuss topics relevant to the team’s operations, projects, goals, and issues. These meetings serve as a forum for communication, coordination, and collaboration among team members.

How to conduct a staff meeting?

To conduct a staff meeting, start by preparing an agenda in advance. This agenda should then be shared with participants before the meeting to give them time to prepare. Topics on this agenda might include updates on company developments, progress reports on projects or OKRs, challenges, and shoutouts for individual or team accomplishments.

Begin the meeting on time and go through each topic, facilitating discussions and encouraging participation as you go. Conclude the meeting by asking for questions, summarizing decisions, and assigning action items with deadlines.

What is the purpose of staff meetings?

The purpose of a staff meeting is to ensure that all team members are informed, aligned, and motivated. These meetings are a great opportunity to share information, discuss strategic and operational updates, address concerns, and foster collaboration.

How to structure staff meetings?

To structure a staff meeting, start with a brief overview of the agenda. Then proceed to discuss each agenda item such as updates on company developments, progress updates, and challenges. Allow time for updates, feedback and problem solving discussions. Keep some time available for questions at the end.

Conclude with a summary of decisions made, action items assigned, and confirmation of the next meeting’s date.

How to make staff meetings more productive?

To increase the productivity of your staff meetings, start by keeping the meeting focused and concise. As a best practice, try to limit the invitee list to seven people or less. Studies have shown that “every attendee over 7 reduces the likelihood of making a good, quick, executable decision by 10%”.

Utilize time efficiently by addressing only topics that require collective input, and leaving other topics to be discussed async. For the topics that require discussion, encourage all team members to contribute.

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