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Strategic Meetings

Drive your company's vision forward with these strategic meeting templates that facilitate meaningful discussions and align priorities.

Quarterly Product Strategy Meeting

Use this template to focus on product strategy, share insights, and solve pain points. Curated by Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product at Netflix.

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Strategic Planning Meeting

Define goals and the steps required to accomplish them with this Strategic Planning template

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HR Strategic Plann Meeting

Utilize this HR Strategic Plan template to outline the mission, objectives, strategies and implications for each new HR strategy

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Strategic Marketing Planning Meeting

Shape your marketing strategy using this template to review your audience, value proposition, and key objectives for the upcoming cycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a strategic meeting?

Strategic meetings are focused gatherings designed for high-level planning and decision making at the team or organization level. During these meetings key stakeholders track organizational goals, understand the progress that has been made, and plan for how to attain the next milestones.

How to conduct a strategic meeting?

Conducting a strategic meeting involves careful planning and execution. Before the meeting, define clear objectives for that meeting, invite only essential stakeholders, and prepare an agenda. Then during the meeting, go through each of the topics on the agenda, facilitating discussions and strategic thinking as you go. As the meeting progresses, document key decisions, assign action items, and establish a timeline for implementation. End the meeting with a clear action plan and summary.

What is the purpose of strategic meetings?

The purpose of strategic meetings is to align team members and stakeholders on the organization’s vision, goals, and priorities. These meetings are crucial for making informed decisions on how to best utilize organizational resources, respond to market trends or challenges, and capitalize on opportunities.

How to make strategic meetings more productive?

A good way to make strategic meetings more productive is to ensure pre-meeting preparation. This includes sharing a clear agenda and pre-reading material in advance of the meeting. Then, during the meeting, keep discussions focused on strategic objectives and use facilitation techniques to drive consensus and decision-making. Prioritize action-oriented outcomes and ensure accountability by assigning clear action items with deadlines.

How to structure a strategic meeting?

Strategic meetings are typically structured to include any updates relevant to the discussion, strategic questions, and time for brainstorming. Including strategic questions such as “What is the next step to achieve our goal of X” is a great way to prompt meaningful discussions. Strategic meetings often end with a summary of decisions, and the assignment of responsibilities.

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