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Stand-Up Meetings

Streamline stand-ups with these meeting templates that enable quick status updates, identify and address obstacles, and promote collaboration among team members.

Daily Standup Meeting

Standups are valuable meetings to help teams overcome blockers and share updates. Use this template to streamline the your next stand-up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stand-up meeting?

A stand-up meeting is a short (5-20 minute) meeting where team members share progress, remove roadblocks, and stay aligned. For teams following a scrum-style stand-up, this is usually a daily meeting involving three questions:

  • “What did you do yesterday?”
  • “What will you do today?”
  • “Do you see any blockers?”
What is the purpose of a stand-up meeting?

The purpose of a stand-up meeting is to promote team alignment. With the quick exchange of information, the team can identify blockers early, efficiently coordinate efforts, and adjust plans as necessary.

How to structure a stand-up meeting?

A stand-up meeting is typically structured around variations of three core questions:

  • “What did you accomplish since the last meeting?”
  • “What will you work on before the next meeting?
  • “Are there any obstacles impeding your progress?”

Ask each team member to answer these questions and discuss how to address any obstacles that come up.

How to improve stand-up meetings?

A key to stand-up meetings is to keep them brief and concise. The first way to do that is to ensure your meetings start and end on time. Try to keep discussions focused and relevant while scheduling follow-up meetings for more in depth discussions.

Another way to be efficient with your time is by encouraging participants to write out their sections in advance of the meetings. If all the updates are in one shared document, then participants can read each other’s contributions prior to the meeting, which leaves the opportunity to use the full 5-20 minutes to discuss and trouble-shoot.

How to prepare for a standup meeting?

In order to prepare for a standup meeting, start by reviewing your progress since the last meeting. Then spend some time planning what you will work on next and reflect on any challenges that you are facing.

Preparing your part in advance can help keep the meeting short and productive.

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