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Sales Standup Meeting Template

Sales meetings can definitely be a bit of a pain. Learn how to do sales standups that your salespeople will eagerly anticipate and learn from.

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What’s inside this Sales Standup Meeting Template:

1 🤝 What deals did you work on in the previous week?

The aim here isn’t to analyse the results from the prior sprint. Instead, it’s about identifying themes for what’s working and what isn’t in the team.

2 👇 What deals are you working on in this week?

The scrum master walks around the team to have a better understanding of each member’s pipeline as well as the overall pipeline. As a result, the standup should be held in front of a scrum board or a deal board.

3 ❌ Are there any blockers?

This is the scrum master’s role’s qualitative aspect. They need to know what’s causing the cadence to fall. The scrum master can address the problem right away by asking this question at the start of each sprint.

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