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Leadership Team Meeting Agenda Template

Drive the company forward and make strategic decisions by using this meeting agenda for leadership teams.

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Leadership requires foresight, and having foresight signifies the need to plan ahead and effectively make decisions that benefit your organization. If you want your leadership team to make better business decisions, you can start by scheduling a recurring leadership team meeting and using the leadership meeting template we’ve included below.

Leadership team meetings provide phenomenal value when properly executed and the tone of the meeting is set right from the meeting agenda. 

What’s inside this leadership team meeting template:

1 Updates

Your leadership meeting agenda should start off with updates. The beginning of the leadership team meeting is typically the best time to share organizational announcements and news. This gives everyone an opportunity to speak and stay tuned in for the rest of the meeting. 

This section will ensure that the leadership team is updated on important departmental initiatives and everyone develops a rounded perspective which translates to informed decision making.

2 Metrics review

Use your leadership team meeting to track progress on company OKRs and overall goals for each department. Identify what projects and initiatives are going in the right direction, and what needs more attention.

Including a metrics review to your leadership team meeting agenda provides your team with a clear point of reference that can be revisited in subsequent discussions during the meeting. 

3 Wins

This is the time for your team to discuss what’s been going well and how the team’s collective efforts are translating to organizational success. Note your winning strategies and analyze ways to apply them across the board. 

Leaders deserve recognition too! Celebrate victories and congratulate teammates who have made remarkable achievements in their individual departments.

4 Roadblocks

Understanding your wins is just as important as understanding your failures and the challenges your team or company is facing. Identifying these roadblocks may not lead to immediate solutions but it helps reduce anxiety within the team.

Use this part of your leadership team meeting as an opportunity to reaffirm the need to apply an approach rather than an avoidance mentality. Reiterate the value of experimentation in fostering a culture of innovation in your organization.

5 Feedback

It is always important to dedicate time at the end of the meeting to open up the floor to your team. This reinforces collaboration and the value that each teammate brings. Creating room for feedback in your leadership meeting agenda allows for diverse and insightful leadership meeting ideas.

6 Priorities

One of the biggest benefits of a productive leadership team meeting is when it leads to impactful outcomes. Utilize this time to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of their individual priorities and the overall team objectives for the upcoming week.

Leaders are already often busy with their day-to-day responsibilities, and a team meeting shouldn’t be a burden. If you plan and coordinate your leadership meeting agenda to ensure you’re creating value within the allotted time, it will lead to a positive experience for your team members and a positive outcome for your organization.

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