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Executive Team Meeting Agenda Template

Great leaders recognize that organizing productive meetings is an important aspect of their job! Use this template to lead a fantastic meeting.

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What’s inside this Executive Team Meeting Agenda Template:

1 😄 Share something great (professional and personal)

Start off by asking “who has something that has you feeling good?” and “what’s something you’re proud of happy bout celebrating.” This could be something both professional or personal.

2 📒 Check in on accountabilities

Talk about what’s happened since your last meeting related to accountabilities. Look at something called a scorecard or a dashboard that shows your team members numbers associated with accountabilities.

3 🌇 Discuss what’s on horizon

Discuss what your team needs to be aware of in the next 90 days. What are the project’s milestones or rocks that are out there that your leadership team needs to be aware of?

4📰 Share the headlines

What’s happening with your customers? What’s happening with your employees that as a leadership team you need to be aware of?

5📝 Revisit and add to issue list

Can also call this an issues list where everybody on the team has the opportunity to add challenges issues opportunities that they would like to improve to this ongoing list.

6💡 Sharing learning and development

Ask your team about something they learned recently, a skill that they’re working on or something that they’re focused on.

7🗒️ Define action items on to do lists

This is portion of the agenda which is the to-do list. Together, what are the specific action items that people are agreeing to do between now and your next meeting?

8✅ Rank success of meeting

If you knocked it out of the park rate it a 10. Anything below that, explain what would it take next time in order to give it a 10.

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