All-Hands Meeting Agenda Template

Foster a culture of collaboration and open communication with this all-hands meeting template.

All Hands Meeting Agenda
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An all-hands meeting (also known as a town hall) is an event that brings together every employee in your company. Done right, all-hands can be a great tool to drive transparency, build a sense of community, and keep communication open across teams.

Here are five items to include in your all-hands meeting agenda:

1 Business Updates

Start your all-hands meeting with important updates about your business strategy. Use this time to present key numbers from the past month and review how those results compare with your goals. You can also take the opportunity to talk about changes in the market, important learnings, and new initiatives that the company is embarking on.

2 Wins & Shoutouts

Leverage the second part of the meeting to boost team morale and congratulate different teams for any successful projects and initiatives.

If you use a collaborative tool like Fellow, you can ask everyone in the company to write down their shoutouts in the all-hands meeting agenda.

3 Team Spotlight

All-hands meetings give you an opportunity to foster communication and collaboration across teams. That’s why it’s important to ask different departments to present at every meeting.

In order to make your all-hands meetings more interesting and interactive, you can invite a member of each department to present a project or important update.

4 Q&A

One of the most important sections of your all-hands meeting agenda is the Q&A, where employees can write down questions for the CEO and anyone in the leadership team.

In order to avoid awkward silences, you can encourage employees to write down their questions before the meeting. As Alexandra Sunderland writes in this post:

“Collaborating on the questions for an all-hands ahead of time gives everyone a different perspective, and sometimes triggers questions that people wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. It can also be a great way of making sure that the most pressing and popular questions are asked first, because everyone has had a chance to read through them all.”

💡 Pro Tip: Use a meeting agenda tool like Fellow to do this!

5 Reminders

Last but not least, you can finish your all-hands meeting with important reminders. These can include upcoming events, launches, and any initiatives that need everyone’s support.

This could also be a good moment to celebrate work anniversaries and introduce new hires!

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