[2024] Best Daily Scrum Tools & Software

Learn all about daily standup meetings and see 11 of the best software to find out which scrum meeting software is best for your team.

By Hannah Ross  •   March 14, 2023  •   7 min read

Scrum meetings are one of the main pillars engineering and development teams use to remain agile and on their toes. In addition to sprint planning, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospective meetings, the scrum is what these professionals use to stay organized and on track. Without scrum meeting software, you may run the risk of hosting an ineffective scrum meeting. 

Definition of a scrum meeting 

The term “scrum” is borrowed from rugby and refers to a practice in which players congregate to create a quick and effective game plan. The term now lends itself to tech companies. Scrum meetings or standups are short meetings designed to align team members. During the scrum, teammates will go around the table to provide updates and devise an action plan for the upcoming day. Teammates will also discuss obstacles or blockers in an attempt to ensure all team members are on the same page and ready to hit the ground running when the meeting ends.

The importance of scrum meeting software

Scrum meetings, also known as standup meetings, are crucial to the success of engineering and development teams. Without scrum meeting software, your team may run the risk of hosting an ineffective meeting or fostering confusion as opposed to clarity and collaboration. 

Top 11 scrum meeting software


Fellow is a meeting software help teams have productive meetings and automate asynchronous stand-up meetings. It offers a range of features that can help teams build good meeting habits, take notes, and track action items in one place. Teams can create a recurring asynchronous calendar event, select a meeting template, set a pre-meeting reminder, and send an automated meeting recap once the agenda is populated. Fellow also offers a range of meeting templates to choose from, including the Effective Daily Stand-up Meeting Template, or teams can create their own custom templates to suit their needs.

Key features of Fellow include: 

Fellow has four price plans:

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

Run efficient meetings, come to a decision, and get back to work

Level up your meeting habits to boost engagement and productivity with a collaborative meeting agenda. Try a tool like Fellow!


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that empowers you and your teammates to manage projects, workflows, and tasks. Similar to a whiteboard, Trello leverages a board format that enables you to attach notes, visual examples, files, and attachments from online sources, shared documents, or other forms of software like Jira or Salesforce. Unlike a whiteboard, Trello can be enjoyed by teams virtually and you can bring your work anywhere you go! 

Trello makes it easy for your team to get work done. No matter the project, workflow, or type of team, Trello aims to help you keep things organized. Simply sign up, create a board, and you’re good to go.  

Key features of Trello include: 

  • Plug-ins to power up your team 
  • Automation tools to streamline workflows 
  • Templates built for success and productivity 
  • Integrations with all your favorite apps and online tools 
  • The ability to view your team’s projects from every angle

Ranging from a free plan to an Enterprise plan at $17.50/month, Trello has plans that cater to businesses of all sizes. 



Asana is a project management software platform that helps teams stay on track, keep projects organized, and hit deadlines. With Asana’s web and mobile apps, you can see project progress, track individual tasks, plan sprints, integrate the software with other tools, and achieve successful launches. Asana’s visual platform makes it possible for you to visualize project progress on boards as your team moves through the different phases of each project. 

You can access Asana’s features for free with the basic plan, opt for the premium plan that unlocks additional features for $10.99 a month, or provide your entire organization with everything it needs to manage and work cross-functionally through Asana’s business plan, which is $24.99 monthly per user. Learn more about which plan is right for you. 

Additional features and capabilities include: 

  • Organization 
  • Remote work 
  • Task management 
  • Agile management 
  • Team collaboration 
  • Creation of to-do lists 
  • Workflow management
  • Excel project management 
  • Creation of kanban boards 
  • Project planning and management
  • Creation of team and project calendars 


Jira is an issue-tracking product developed by Atlassian that enables tracking and agile project management. Jira can be used to track project progress and tasks as they move through the development cycle. With Jira, you can also customize your workflows, collaborate, and ultimately release great software. 

Known as the #1 software development tool by agile teams, Jira offers pricing and plans that cater to teams of all sizes, including a free plan for 10 users or less or a premium plan for $15.25 per month for organizations that want to scale how they collaborate and track work.



Shortcut, (formerly Clubhouse) is a project management software platform designed primarily for teams using agile practices to improve project management. Shortcut empowers users to plan, create, and manage programs and activities simply and intuitively, which makes it easier for teams to optimize workflows. This tool combines planning and development into a single experience with tightly integrated docs, issue tracking, and sprint planning so you can replace everyday tools like Jira, Trello, Notion, and Confluence with one easy-to-use tool. 

Plans and pricing vary depending on your needs; however, Shortcut recommends getting started with the free plan. For additional features, you can upgrade to the business plan for $12/user/monthly or contact the sales team for a customized quote. 

Additional features and capabilities include the ability to: 

  • Connect shortcuts using application programming interfaces (APIs) 
  • Set checkpoints across your projects 
  • Measure work within a set period of time
  • Track your work on kanban boards
  • Work cross-functionally to streamline progress
  • Measure and review progress toward team goals 
  • See a big-picture view of development workloads
  • Connect your plans directly to your work with docs 


monday.com is a cloud-based software that makes it possible for users to create unique applications and project management software. By helping you customize any workflow to fit your needs, monday.com makes it possible for you to boost your team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity. 

Offering a free trial for 14 days, monday.com makes it possible for you to supercharge your teamwork. From there, you can choose from one of five plans ranging from the free individual plan for personal use to the enterprise plan, which is built for organizations. Click here to learn which plan is right for you.



Aha! is a superior project roadmap software platform that makes building out complex roadmaps simple—from building stunning roadmaps in minutes to show off your product development plans to customizing your roadmap to appeal to different audiences and sharing your custom roadmap with a custom presentation or secure webpage. 

Aha! offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card required so you can learn what it’s like to build strategic roadmaps, deliver better products and services, and prioritize the highest value features. Click here to start your free trial today! 


8Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management platform that empowers software development teams to form realistic expectations about when work might be completed based on the team’s performance. Tracker’s modern workflow makes it possible for teams to work cohesively at a rapid pace with a shared view of team priorities, a clear process that fosters collaboration, and dynamic tools that analyze progress from start to finish. 

Pivotal Tracker is priced to make collaboration easy with flexible pricing bundles that decrease as your team grows. While paid plans start at $7/month and have a 60-day free trial with no credit card commitment, Pivotal project is free for public projects, individuals, non-profits, and academic institutions. 

Pivotal Tracker


Wrike is a work management software platform that helps users remove barriers, find clarity, and exceed goals. At its core, Wrike is an easy-to-use tool for streamlining the internal project management process between team members—whether they’re working next to each other or on opposite sides of the planet. 

Wrike has a variety of plans built for teams of all sizes. With plan options ranging from a free plan for teams that are just getting started, all the way to the pinnacle plan for teams that have extensive needs, Wrike has customizable options for every team. Learn more about which plan is best for your team here.



Paymo is a work and project management software platform for businesses of all sizes—including web design and development firms, creative agencies, software and IT service providers, marketing or social media agencies, and business consultants. With Paymo, you can manage tasks, create team schedules, track hours, and bill clients all from one easy-to-use platform. 

Pricing varies depending on your needs. Luckily, you can try before you buy with no credit card required or receive two months free when you pay annually. Plans start at $0 per month for basic features and go all the way up to $20.79 per user per month for medium and large teams that are looking to manage projects, track work time, and bill clients from one space. 

Additional features and capabilities include: 

  • File proofing 
  • Time tracking 
  • Online payments 
  • Team scheduling 
  • Task management 
  • Team collaboration 
  • Gantt chart creation 
  • Invoicing and estimates 
  • Creation of kanban boards 


Basecamp is a simple, yet effective project management platform that makes managing people and projects a breeze. Teams in all sectors can use Basecamp to keep track of assignments, work together on documents, plan projects, chat, and do so much more. If you’re interested in leveraging Basecamp to manage your projects, you can try the platform for free with no long-term commitments. If you choose to move forward long-term, this platform costs just $11 per month per user, which includes all features.


Take your standup meeting to new heights with scrum meeting software 

Sourcing scrum meeting software can be difficult, which is why we’ve taken the time to round up 11 of the best options! No matter which one you choose, you and your teammates will be set up for success moving forward.

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