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Sales Discovery Call Template

Use this template to understand the needs and pain points faced by your prospect and their business.

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What’s inside Sales Discovery Call Meeting Template:

1 Name 

Provide prospect’s name and job title

2 Company 

Provide company name, background and number of employees

3 Notes 

Provide information on source of meeting and user account. Example: Inbound demo request, account creator

4 Set agenda – we will:

  • Explore the problems you’re looking to solve.
  • Look at Fellow functionality relevant to solving your problem.
  • Schedule a follow-up call or team demo if you agree you see value.

Need: What problem are you looking to solve?

Timeline: Are we working within a deadline?

Budget: Do you have a certain budget you’re working with?

Authority: If you were to move forward with Fellow, is there anyone else we need to loop? If you see value in that I’ll show you, does it make sense to schedule a follow-up with them?

5 Discovery (SPIN) 

  • Situation: What problem are you looking to solve? What tools are you using now?
  • Problem: What do you think could be improved with current processes?
  • Implications: Why does solving this problem matter?
  • Needs payoff: How does it benefit the team or business if you fix these issues?

6 Next step 

Track any next steps or items that you need to follow up on below.

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