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Sales Presentation (offer) Meeting Agenda Template

Every time you connect with a client, you have a chance to form or further a relationship. Use this template to do so.

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What’s inside Sales Presentation (offer) Meeting Agenda Template:

1 Grab their attention

Start with the headline of why they’re there, and what you promise to deliver by the end of the presentation.

2 Your Mission

What motivates you (and your company) to serve your clients.

3 Client Motivation

The pain they’re experiencing, their goals (which are just the opposite of the pain), the value they’d get from changing.

4 Your Solution

How you can deliver the value your client wants.

5 Proof

Demonstrating credibility through case studies, statistics, or other forms of objective or empirical evidence.

6 Pricing

The tiers of pricing and service you can deliver.

7 Next Steps

Asking your client for their process and timeline for a decision (note: if you sell to single decision-makers, ask for a decision on the spot).

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