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Start-Stop-Continue Retrospective: Weather Theme Meeting Template

Use this template to assist your team in concentrating on specific steps that may be taken to improve collaboration, processes, and outcomes.

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What’s inside this Start-Stop-Continue Retrospective: Weather Theme Meeting Template:

  • 💚 Start — activities/practices that the team wants to bring to the table
  • 🔴 Stop — activities/practices that have not brought value
  • 💛 Continue — activities/practices that the team is doing well and wants to keep

1 Start

Allow everyone to scribble in their agendas what they believe the team should begin doing. Then, on a “Start” board, have each individual contribute their letter and any specifics.

2 Themes

As a whole, group the notes into themes.

3 Stop

To make a “Stop” board, repeat steps “Start” and “Themes.”


To make a “Continue” board, repeat steps “Start” and “Themes.”


Assign a set amount of votes to each team member, which they can use to indicate their preference for a meeting agenda or group. Sort the agenda notes by the amount of votes they received after voting is finished.

6Action Items

Create action items for each of the top five agenda notes after you’ve discussed them. Assign a person to be in charge of each action item.

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