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Strategy Offsite Agenda Template

Setting the agenda may be intimidating due to the expectation to achieve something practical. Use this effective template for your next offsite session.

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Strategy Offsite Agenda Template:

1 📌 Set up

“What habits do we need to develop in order to get the most out of this offsite?”, “Do we consent to each other reinforcing these commitments?”, “How can we make them stronger?”

2 🤝 Connect

Increasing the sense of trust and psychological safety needed for constructive conflict and debate begins early in the offsite by fostering group connectedness. This can be done through different activities.

3 💬 Diverge

The process of coming up with new thoughts and possibilities is known as divergent thinking.

4 🤔 Converge

Analysis, judgement, and decision-making are all related with convergent thinking.

5 🚀 Commit

You’ve come together as a group, brainstormed fresh ideas, and made some key decisions at this point. It’s now time to commit as a group and lock it down.

6 🎉 Celebrate

Returning to the objective and vision you outlined in the introduction is a fantastic approach to wrap up the offsite. Thank the staff for their time and work, and congratulate them on a job well done.

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