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Client Update Meeting Template

Prepare a client update meeting agenda that covers the essentials and makes the best use of your client's time.

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1 Project status

Discuss where you are with the project, compared to where you anticipated you would be. Are you behind, right on schedule, or ahead of schedule?

2 Budget and scope updates

Let the client know whether or not the project is still on budget, and if the scope is still within the range you originally anticipated.

3 Discussion

If you’re behind schedule, or if the budget and/or scope of the project have a proactive, bilateral discussion about what should be done.

4 Agree on the “next steps”

If things are going smoothly, inform the client of what you’ll be doing to move the project forward. If the project is facing significant problems, now is the time to schedule a follow up meeting.

5 Recap the essentials

Conclude by going over what was discussed during the meeting to make sure both parties are on the same page going forward.

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