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Design Sprint Retrospective Meeting Template

Use this template to teach your design sprint team what they need to know about identifying areas for improvement and steering them in the correct path.

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What’s inside this Design Sprint Retrospective Meeting Template:

1 👋 Step 1: Welcome and intro

Welcome everyone and thank the team on their hard work and accomplishments in just one week.
Give them a rundown of what will happen in the following hour and establish some ground rules.

2 🎨 Step 2: Design Sprint Recap

After that, give everyone a high-level summary. We like to utilise a visual that represents the design sprint’s journey and the significant milestones they pass during the week.

3 🤔 Step 3.: What worked well?

Begin by talking about what went well throughout the sprint. Structure people’s input around defined subjects to avoid them sharing random facts that may not lead to major improvements.

4🚩 Step 4.: What were the challenges?

Inquire about the obstacles they had throughout the design sprint, as well as what didn’t go as planned.

5💡 Step 5: How can we improve?

You’ll want to jot down some suggestions for improvement. Request that your team write down any suggestions they have for improving the sprint and avoiding the same problems in the future.

6🎁 Step 6: Wrap-up

Thank your colleagues for their time once more, and then conclude the training with some enjoyable activities. We prefer to take a funky team photo, but you can do whatever you want to make the meeting a success.

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