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[Quarterly Check-In] 
Mentoring Program Managers and Participants Meeting Template

Use this general structure for a quarterly check-in meeting between mentoring program managers and mentoring participants.

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What’s inside [Quarterly Check-In] Mentoring Program Managers and Participants Meeting Template:

1 🎯 State the purpose of the meeting

  • Feedback on how the relationship is working
  • Share one objective working on
  • General feedback

2 📌 State the ground rules of the meeting

  • It’s a confidential meeting so what we say here stays here
  • If you’re not comfortable answering a question, we pass to the next person
  • We will provide a summary of (anonymous) comments from both groups

3 👋 The meeting begins

Begin the meeting by telling participants that you would like to hear from everyone and go around the room and ask for answers to the following questions:

  • Who is your partner?
  • How often are you meeting and, on average, how long do you meet for?
  • What is one objective you can share that you’re working? How is it going?
  • How is the relationship working for you at this time?

4 💬 Once every participant has reported in…

  • Ask follow-up questions based upon the feedback received
  • Provide suggestions on any areas needing attention

5 ✅ Ending the meeting

  • Thank everyone for their feedback
  • Remind them of the next meeting date
  • Remind them that they will get a summary as indicated earlier
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