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Coffee chat / Catch-up Meeting Template

Everyone loves a coffee chat and catch up session, however you want to make sure you get the most out of it. Use this template to do so.

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What’s inside this Coffee chat / Catch-up Meeting Template:

1 ☕ Life and work updates

Talk about how long it’s been since your previous meeting. What has enthralled, frustrated, engaged, or bored you (in bothnlife & work)?

2 🚧 Current projects

Examine the status of each other’s current projects. What is it that your team member is having trouble with? What are their sources of success?

3 🚀 Goals

Examine your immediate and long-term objectives. What steps have you taken to get closer to achieving your goals? What short-term objectives or intermediate milestones on long-term objectives have you accomplished?

4🤝 How can we help each other?

Check in to see how/if you can help the other attendees of the conference. How can we collaborate more efficiently? What can I do to help you more effectively?

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