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Estimation Meeting Agenda Template

The Estimation's goal would be to prioritize the Sprint's User Stories and assess the team's ability to execute inside the Sprint's Time Box. Use this template to do so.

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What’s inside this Estimation Meeting Agenda Template

  • Participants: Product owner, Scrum master, Team members
  • Product backlog is prepared (items are estimated and ordered) and visible for everyone-Scrum master
  • Planning poker cards are distributed
  • Duration: 90 minutes

1 Step 1

Review agenda, goal, and overview.

2 Step 2

The backlog items are shown and described by the product owner.

3 Step 3

The team receives the necessary information regarding the backlog item.

4Step 4

Backlog items are estimated by the team (planning poker, magic estimations, etc.).

5Step 5

If there are too many things in the backlog, they will be separated.

6Step 6

This continues until the time limit is reached or all backlog items have been estimated.


The team has a better knowledge of the backlog items, has broken them down into smaller chunks and estimated them, and has made a list of outstanding questions.

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