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Marketing Planning Meeting Template

Use this template to take your marketing strategy aside and turn it into a marketing plan.

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What’s inside Marketing Planning Meeting Template:

1 Step 1: Competitive analysis

Where are you compared to your competitors? Why are they superior to you? How can you outsmart your competitors?

2 Step 2: Target Audience Definition

Understand your target group. How they communicate? Where they communicate? What are their demographics?

3 Step 3: SWOT analysis 

SWOT refers to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company.

4Step 4: Identify consumer insights

Consumer insights are generally defined as findings that reveal something about the target group. (Needs, attitudes, etc. towards the product/brand).

5 Step 5: Idea generation find trends and use them for yourself

Which social media trends should I use for my marketing plan? What practical role does artificial intelligence, Big Data, Gen Z, or nano-influencers play?

6 Step 6: Goal setting

Follow the SMART principle.

7 Step 7: Campaign planning and control

This is where the insights, trends, and marketing goals are implemented in a detailed communications project.

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