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Monthly Customer Experience Team Meeting Template

Make your Customer Experience meetings worthwhile by fostering consistent action and communication that leads to creating better experiences for customers.

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What’s inside this Monthly Customer Experience Team Meeting Template:

1 👋 Intro and Attendees

Quick intro of who is in the meeting (could include cross-functional teams that may not be familiar with each other).

2 👁 CX Mission and Goals

Overview of CX mission and goals to kick start the meeting.

3 🎙 Storytelling

Ask one team member to start with a customer story, it can be either great or a not-so-great one with including a lesson.

4 💪 Progress on CX Programs and Priorities

Update on the progress of CX programs and CX priorities.

5 🗣 Customer Feedback and Insights

Provide the team with insights on customer feedback, etc.

6 🌟 Innovations and Forecasting

What are we planning for the month ahead? What are we forecasting?

7 ✅ Next Actions and Accountabilities

What are we taking away from the meeting? What are some next steps?

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