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Onboarding Checklist for New Employees

A resource to guide new hires through set-up and company processes.

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Congratulations on hiring a new team member! Now that you’ve hired someone to join your team, it’s time to plan their onboarding process.

Onboarding is a series of events or tasks that helps new employees understand how to be successful in their day-to-day job and how their work contributes to the overall business objectives. 

Onboarding is a crucial step for long-term career success, with studies showing that a strong onboarding program can boost new hire productivity by 70 percent and support employee satisfaction and retention. Every new hire should be taken on an “onboarding journey,” from orientation, through integration, and ultimately to full effectiveness. 

The Fellow team has put together a template to help you take control of your team’s remote onboarding process

What’s inside this onboarding template:

This onboarding template outlines the steps your new team member needs to take to become oriented with the organization, their role, and their team members. 

1 Resources 🗂️

The first step to onboarding a new employee is to guide them through the resources they need to be successful and help them understand the company culture.

This includes everything from the wifi credentials to important internal documents such as company values, code of conduct, remote work policies and procedures, employee FAQs, to HR and payroll documents.

2 Your Team 👥

Provide employees with an organizational chart or a list of the team members that they’ll be working and interacting with in their new role.

An organizational chart is a quick one-page view of the whole organization, highlighting leaders at multiple levels, team structures and reporting relationships.  

Pro tip: Don’t wait for the first team meeting for the new hire to meet their teammates and colleagues. Instead, encourage them to schedule coffee chats with different members of the team!

3 Getting Set Up ✅

In this section of the onboarding template for new hires, make sure to include a list of action items that they need to complete on their first week. Some of these action items may include:

  • Setting up accounts in different software or tools
  • Configuring employee email and instant communication platforms
  • Getting familiar with the company tech stack

4 Your First Week 🗓

Setting clear expectations is a great way to create a positive employee onboarding experience. That’s why, we recommend presenting your new hire with an itinerary or list of expectations to be accomplished on their first week. This itinerary could include items such as a one-on-one meeting with their manager, attending security training, watching product demos, attending customer calls, and more.

Congratulations taking charge of your team’s onboarding experience! By using this template, your teammates will be all set up and ready to take their new role by storm. 👏

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