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Weekly Productive Virtual Meeting Agenda Template

To prioritise, solve problems, make decisions, and achieve your goals, use this weekly productive virtual meeting template. Time should not be wasted.

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What’s inside this Weekly Productive Virtual Meeting Agenda Template:

Part 1 (~20 mins)

Quick reporting on essential business KPIs and aspects.

1 ☺️ Good news (~5 mins)

With the correct energy, start the meeting on a positive tone.

2 🃏 Scorecard (~5 mins)

Fast reporting on critical numbers for Finance, Sales, Customer Success, and P&E to identify any concerns that could hinder us from meeting our targets/completing our OKRs.

3 👤 Releases from Customers, Employees, and Products (~5 mins)

Raise awareness and alert others to any potential problems.

4👈 Follow up on the to-dos from the previous week (~5 mins)

Make sure you’re staying on track with our to-dos.

Part 2 (~30 mins)

Resolve the three most pressing challenges.

  • Here you’ll talk about, explain, and settle on the top three issues that are preventing the team from moving forward or that need to be remedied.

5✅ Conclusion (~5 mins)

Resolve the three most pressing challenges.

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