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What? So What? Now What? [Reflection Meeting] Template

Use this reflection meeting template to encourage critical thinking and reflection about a recent project or experience.

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What? So What? Now What? Meeting Template:

1 What?

Describe what happened. What did you pick up on? What aspects jumped out to you?

  • What is the problem or issue that we are facing?
  • What happened?
  • What did you notice?
  • What was everyone’s reaction to the event?
  • What positive and negative aspects do you observe?

2 So What?

Determine the ramifications. Make sense of what you’ve learned. What impact did they have on your team?

  • How does this event affect us? How does it affect our future?
  • Why is it important? What critical questions does this information cause us to ask?
  • What emotions does the event evoke? How does it make us feel?
  • What conclusions can we draw from this experienc

3 Now What?

Establish a plan of action. What’s the limit? What activities are reasonable?

  • What do we need to do to move forward? How can we turn this event into something positive?
  • What have you learned? How will you use the insights that you discovered?
  • What will you do differently the next time? What will you do the same?
  • What hidden opportunities has this event uncovered? How can we use them for our benefit?
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