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The 10 Best AI Productivity and Task Management Tools

See which AI tools your team can start using to track deadlines, automate tasks, and collaborate effectively.

By Brier Cook  •   March 20, 2024  •   6 min read

As an operations leader, finding ways to improve your team’s efficiency and streamline your workflow is crucial. One effective solution is implementing AI-powered task management tools to automate routine tasks, track deadlines, and prioritize work. With so many options on the market, choosing the best tools for your needs can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best AI productivity tools for task management that can help take your team to the next level.

What are AI task management tools? 

AI task management tools leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help individuals and teams manage projects effectively. These tools can help teams manage and prioritize work, track deadlines, automate routine tasks, and be more productive overall. When you use an AI task management tool, it’s not just about getting things done — it’s also about working smarter. With their advanced algorithms, AI task managers can quickly understand which tasks must be prioritized, streamline your workflow, and save you time.

Automate your meeting tasks and boost productivity

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual meeting note-taking and follow-ups. Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot not only records and transcribes your meetings but also generates and sends out detailed meeting summaries to key stakeholders. Fellow automates task creation and management by identifying action items and assignees based on the conversation. Effortlessly manage your meeting tasks with Fellow today!

The main uses of AI in task management software

AI task management tools can transform workflow efficiency and productivity through several key capabilities:

  • Smart scheduling: AI task managers can automatically schedule tasks and meetings based on team member availability, task priority, and dependencies. This can help your team and save time spent on manual scheduling.
  • Automated task allocation: AI can automatically assign and manage tasks to the right team members based on skills, workload and other criteria, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently.
  • Workflow automation: AI technology can initiate the next steps in a workflow or process once certain tasks are completed, automating any repetitive or manual workflows. This can include sending out automatic updates right when you want them to.
  • Efficient resource management: AI analyzes capacity across the team to ensure no one is over or underworked. Based on that information, it can redistribute tasks across the team accordingly to optimize productivity.

What to look for in an AI task management tool 


Search for a tool you can customize or modify to suit your team’s needs. For example, if your team could benefit from an app to automate tasks and save time, you should look for a tool you can customize to do so. Look for a tool with many settings to tailor to your liking so the AI can grow alongside your team and company. 


Data privacy and security should be of the utmost importance. Search for an AI tool that meets your organization’s security and privacy standards. Additionally, look for a tool that uses encryption to conceal and protect your information. 

Certified with SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliance, Fellow prioritizes your security and privacy. It adheres to global privacy laws and security standards to help you meet any compliance obligations while automating your workflow with advanced AI features.


The tool you select should do everything your team needs it to and more. Determine what types of features your team is looking for and select a tool that has as many as possible. For instance, if you’re looking for AI that can automate routine tasks, search for one that tracks tasks, integrates with other software, and has analytics features. 


Your tool must be accessible enough for first-time users to operate with minimal training. Accessibility also means that your tool should be accessible across devices and platforms. Search for a tool that works on your desktop and mobile devices so everyone can use it, even when they aren’t sitting in front of their computer. 

5Customer support

Customer support is the direct connection between you and the tool, so search for AI with a good customer support system that allows you to reach out for help and streamline complaints, queries, and requests promptly. 

10 Best AI tools for task management

1 Fellow

Fellow is an all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software for remote and hybrid teams. It is built to streamline the entire meeting workflow with advanced automations and seamless integrations with your existing tools to keep all information synced, up to date, and a click away. With Fellow’s powerful AI features, you can automate tasks before, during, and after every meeting.

Fellow’s AI meeting agenda builder enables team leaders to instantly build collaborative meeting agendas with custom recommendations on topics and talking points, saving time for meeting preparation.

During the meeting, the Fellow AI Meeting Copilot will automate the note-taking process by recording, transcribing, and summarizing the discussion, so everyone can stay present and engaged. 

Within minutes of the meeting ending, Fellow will automatically send a meeting recap to the participants that includes a searchable transcript, a comprehensive AI generated summary with organized sections, and automatically identified action items based on the conversation. This not only ensures efficient knowledge sharing and accountability but also automates the manual task of following up.

Unlike other disjointed AI tools, Fellow is much more than just AI task automation software. With Fellow, you can give and get feedback as work happens to encourage continuous improvements in the team or even track objectives and key results to visualize progress.

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

Reviews and ratings: 4.7/5 star rating on G2 with 2048 reviews


Key features:

TimeHero is an automatic scheduling and work management tool for teams. It offers features like automatic task planning, built-in time tracking, autonomous recurring tasks, and integrations with other tools like Google Calendar, Trello, and Asana. 


  • Basic—$4.60 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Professional—$10 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Premium—$22 USD/month (per user when billed annually)

Reviews and ratings: 4.4/5 star rating on G2 with 20 reviews

3Trevor AI

Key features:

Trevor AI is a daily planner and task scheduling app that syncs with your digital calendar. It can help you organize your calendar and plan your days clearly with AI time-blocking technology. With Trevor AI, you can merge platforms like Todoist, Google Tasks, NativeTasks, Outlook, and Google Calendar for project scheduling and empowering deep, flexible work. 


  • Free—$0/month
  • Pro Plan—$3.99 USD/month or $36 USD/year

Reviews and ratings: No reviews or ratings on G2


Key features:

Asana is a popular project management software with AI capabilities designed to accelerate productivity and improve decision-making. With Asana, teams can receive customized recommendations to allocate resources, remove bottlenecks, and hit milestones faster. 


  • Basic—$0/month
  • Starter—$10.99 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Advanced—$24.99 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Enterprise and Enterprise Plus—contact sales for pricing 

Reviews and ratings: 4.3/5 star rating on G2 with 9,818 reviews


Key features:

Taskade is an AI-powered productivity assistant that can help you and your teammates answer complex questions, brainstorm ideas, edit documents, and more. Users can use Taskade to keep track of tasks and projects across teams and workspaces with a shared calendar, create agendas, and customize notifications.


  • Pro—$19 USD/month (per month total when billed annually)
  • Business—$8 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Ultimate—$16 USD/month (per user when billed annually)

Reviews and ratings: 4.6/5 star rating on G2 with 48 reviews


Key features:

Trello is a visual tool that teams can use to manage many types of projects and workflows and complete task tracking. It allows you to create customizable boards that make team collaboration easier and more enjoyable. You can also create rules, buttons, and commands with their no-code built-in automation to automate actions for your workflow.


  • Free—$0/month
  • Standard—$5 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Premium—$10 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Enterprise—$17.50 USD/month (per user when billed annually for 50 seats)

Reviews and ratings: 4.4/5 star rating on G2 with 13,496 reviews


Key features:

ClickUp is a project management tool that offers communication and collaboration tools and the ability to assign tasks, statuses, and comments to specific team members and groups. It offers an AI-powered assistant that you can ask about tasks, use to generate summaries of comment threads, meeting notes, and more, while simultaneously creating action items and project insights. 


  • Free—$0/month
  • Unlimited—$7 USD/month (per user)
  • Business—$12 USD/month (per user)
  • Enterprise—contact sales for pricing

Reviews and ratings: 4.7/5 star rating on G2 with 9,416 reviews


Key features:

Botpress is a tool powered by OpenAI and allows users to build bots for their projects to get things done faster. It offers features like a visual conversation studio, an emulator, and a debugger and supports popular messaging channels like Slack, Telegram, MS Teams, Facebook Messenger, and others. You can use their AI task bot to automate a wide range of tasks using generative AI by providing clear instructions, specific inputs, and variables.


  • Free—5 bots and 2,000 incoming messages per month
  • Pay as you go with no upfront commitment 

Reviews and ratings: 4.5/5 star rating on G2 with 148 reviews


Key features:

Ayanza is a task and project management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to goal setting and objective tracking. It features AI-powered spaces for wikis and tasks so that teams can collaborate effectively, have their questions answered, and generate new ideas quickly. 


  • $6 USD/month (per active user)

Reviews and ratings: 5/5 star rating on G2 with 1 review


Key features:

Wrike is a project management tool that offers features like automated workflow and project planning, data visualization, resource allocation, and more. Using machine-learning capabilities, the tool can identify tasks, historical patterns, and frequent issues to identify project risks and ultimately prevent delays so you can always deliver your action items on time. 


  • Free—$0/month 
  • Team—$9.80 USD/month (per user)
  • Business—$24.80 USD/month (per user)
  • Enterprise—contact sales for pricing

Reviews and ratings: 4.2/5 star rating on G2 with 3,639 reviews

Smarter task management with Fellow

AI-powered tools can significantly improve your team’s productivity, and the 10 tools listed in this article can take your team to the next level. By incorporating the right AI productivity tools for task management, you can help transform your team’s workflow and effectively achieve your operational goals.

As an operations leader looking to maximize operational efficiency, consider Fellow’s all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software as your first choice.

With features like AI transcription, automated meeting outcomes, collaborative agendas, and centralized action items, Fellow seamlessly integrates AI into your workflow. You’ll experience streamlined collaboration, organization, and task management across your organization. Get started with Fellow today!

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