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Disney’s Creative Strategy Meeting Template

Disney fan? Check out this template that was inspired by Walt Disney's own strategy planning technique, using a Realist, Dreamer, and Critic approach.

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What’s inside Disney’s Creative Strategy Meeting Template:

Do like Walt Disney did, and take your team into three separate rooms for each phase of the strategy. Changing rooms allowed the brainstormers to shift their perspectives physically and mentally. E.g. If team members are in The Realist room, make sure there is no time for dreaming…

1 💭 1. The Dreamer

Also known as the brainstorming session, as a dreamer you will be creating with no critiquing.

The Dreamers can go wild without limitations or restrictions to come up with the most amazing product or the ideal solution to a problem.

2 ❗ 2. The Realist

After dreaming (brainstorming), the team moves in the role of the Realist.

In this space, the team takes the best ideas from the dreaming session and adjusts them to be more realistic (shaping).

3 🔍 3. The Critic

Once a realistic (shaping) plan has been designed, it’s time for the Critic (feedback) to emerge.

In this role, the team analyzes and picks apart the idea and plan. Risks and obstacles are identified in this phase.

4👈 4. Return

When the Critic is finished, feel free to return to the Realisit for another round of shaping before coming back for feedback.

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