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Product Positioning Analysis Meeting Template

Use this template to undertake a product positioning exercise before starting to create products and strategies.

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What’s inside Product Positioning Analysis Meeting Template:

  • Your company’s prospects of success are influenced by your market, for better or worse. As a result, doing a product positioning exercise before starting to design products and plan strategies is a good idea.

1 👤 Define your customer

Who might be interested in your product or service?

2 🚩 Define the problem

What problem are you addressing for your customer? What impact does this issue have on your customers? What feelings might individuals have when confronted with the issue?

3 🛒 Define key market characteristics

What else do your consumers typically purchase from you? What method do they use to acquire it? What motivates them to change brands?

4📝 List the other companies in your market

Are these firms viable partners for you? Competitors? What do they do for a living? What has been their secret to success? How did they fail? What is the source of their greatest annoyance?

5🗣️ Design an elevator pitch

Your pitch should include information on your target audience, their problems, and how your product is well positioned to solve them.

6⬇️ Narrow down your competitors

List your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to your offering now that you have your pitch.

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