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Rebranding Campaign Kick-Off Template

Use this template to kick-off your rebranding campaign.

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What’s inside this Rebranding Campaign Kick-Off Template:

1Business Reason

Briefly summarize the business reason for the rebrand to help improve the rebrand campaign strategy.

2 Target Audience

Research the target audience to understand who the rebrand will be targeted towards.

3Positioning and Messaging

Refine the value proposition to have an effective rebrand marketing strategy.

4Brand Identity

Refine the rebranded identity by brainstorming taglines, logos, brand colours, etc.

5Marketing Collateral

What marketing materials do we plan to create for this rebranding campaign?

6Brand Promotion

In which ways do we want to promote the rebrand?

7Action Items

What are the next steps for this rebranding campaign?

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