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Restrospective 4Ls Meeting Template

Use this template for your next retrospective, designed to occur upon completion of a sprint. The 4Ls stand for liked, learned, lacked, and longed for.

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What’s inside Restrospective 4Ls Meeting Template:

1 Step 1: Set the tone and expectations

Before starting the retrospective, make sure all participants understand its purpose It is ultimately the facilitators job to set the tone and expectations for the activity, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

2 Step 2: Prepare the space

Whether your holding your retrospective in person or online, the ‘space’ needs to be set up properly.

3 Step 3: Determine what was liked about the sprint

The first item in the 4 Ls retrospective is intended to uncover what people liked about the sprint.

4 Step 4: Determine what was learned

The most valuable lessons are often learned from mistakes made, or challenges overcome during the completion of actual work.

5 Step 5: Uncover what was lacked

This step is designed to surface everything that held the team back during the sprint.

6 Step 6: Document what was longed for

The last element of the 4 Ls retrospective involves reflecting on what was longed for. This can be something tangible like better equipment, or something less tangible, like more or less involvement from leadership.

7 Step 7: Assign followups and action items

This is perhaps the most important step in the retrospective process. Before ending the retrospective, ask for volunteers to own next steps.

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