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2Ls Retrospective Meeting (5-6 people team) Template

Use this Liked and Lacked meeting agenda that covers both positive and negative project aspects and encourages continuous improvement.

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What’s inside this 2Ls Retrospective Meeting (5-6 people team) Template:

  • 💡 2Ls: Liked and Lacked. Limiting yourselves to 2Ls leaves more time for deeper discussions and brainstorming.

1 Liked

Allow each person to scribble down what they liked on the meeting agenda. Then have each participant share their note and any specifics with the group.

2 Lacked

As a whole, group the notes into themes.

3 Themes

To make a “Themes” note, repeat steps “Liked” and “Lacked.”

4What’s next

Choose the five most critical items from the “Lacked” notes and discuss how you will address them as a group. Put your ideas on a “What’s Next?” note then talk about each action item and appoint someone to be in charge.

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