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Career Development Conversation Meeting Template

Follow this 3-step career conversation framework curated by Russ Laraway, Employee Experience Evangelist at Qualtrics and former executive at Twitter and Google.

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What’s inside Career Development Conversation Meeting Template:

1 🔍 Life Story 

Understand people’s motivations and values, the things that drive them.

  • Starting with kindergarten, tell me about your life.
  • What have been the major pivots and transitions?
  • Why did you make them? 
  • What did those transitions teach you about what you love/hate about work?

2💬 Dreams 

Understand where people want to be at the pinnacle of their careers.

  • What do you want the pinnacle of your career to look like?
  • List 4-5 different dreams for the future.
  • What skills are needed to accomplish those dreams?
  • How can I help you acquire those skills? (brainstorm)

3 💪 Career action plan 

Create an eighteen-month plan.

  • What do you need to learn in order to move in the direction of your dreams?
  • How will you prioritize the things you need to learn?
  • What opportunities at work would help you develop those skills in the next six to eighteen months? (brainstorm)

4 ✅ Action items

What are the next steps?

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