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Feature Kick-Off Meeting Agenda Template

Use this feature kick-off meeting template to identify knowledge gaps and mitigate risks before your team builds a new feature.

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Sometimes, features can’t be completed in weekly or biweekly agile sprints.

If you’re a product manager, running a feature kick-off meeting can help you identify knowledge gaps and mitigate risks.

After several tries and iterations, Diana Hsieh (co-founder at InPlace Health) has developed a template to run efficient and informative feature kick-off meetings.

What’s inside this Feature Kick-off Meeting Template

1 Why are we building this feature?

Use the beginning of your feature kick-off meeting to set clear expectations and goals around the new feature that your team is about to build.

“Figure out how much you and your team already know about this topic. Identify where the gaps are in knowledge and what assumptions you are making. Focus on providing information that can fill those gaps or mitigate the risk of making incorrect assumptions,” says Diana.

2 User stories

One essential part of building a new feature is understanding the people that are going to use it. According to Diana Hsieh, it’s important that as a meeting organizer, you understand the user stories being presented:

“I’ve found that this isn’t just about providing a simple user story. It’s also about further detailing the acceptance criteria that we need to meet for users to be satisfied, as well as providing the user flow of how they might use a given feature.”

3 Competitors & market offerings

During this section of the feature kick-off meeting, the team can discuss the competitive landscape and similar features or products that have been built by direct and/or indirect competitors. This will help your team get a clear overview and idea of the market offerings and overall demand for this new feature.

4 Feature scoping

One of the most important parts of the feature kick-off meeting is defining the scope of work needed to complete the project. Focus on acceptance criteria and actual feature requirements.

5 Feedback

Last but not least, remember to ask your team for feedback about this process.

“It’s helped me quickly improve how I run kick-offs so that each kick-off is better than the last,” says Diana Hsieh.

We hope that this template helps you run great feature kick-off meetings! Remember to document decisions and action items by using a meeting management tool like Fellow.

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