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FMEA (Failure, Mode, Effect, Analysis) Meeting Template

Use this proactive strategy for reviewing a process to determine where and how it might fail, as well as the relative impact of various failures.

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What’s inside FMEA (Failure, Mode, Effect, Analysis) Meeting Template:

  • F-Failure
  • M-Mode
  • E-Effects
  • A-Analysis

1 🚀 Step 1: Pick the process

Choose a process to study. This shouldn’t be a straightforward one- or two-step procedure, but rather something more complex with a wider range of consequences. Review the steps in the process using your flowchart.

2 ❎ Step 2: Identify failure modes

For each step, brainstorm possible failure modes — that is, any way the step could fail to accomplish its intended function.

3 📈 Step 3: Estimate the impact

Consider the possible consequences of each failure mode. How would the failure of this phase affect the process, system, or product? Make your statement as specific as possible.

4✔️ Step 4: Assign a severity ranking

Assign a Risk Priority Number to evaluate the possible damage if this failure occurs (RPN). What would the consequences be if this failure occurred? Take into account the influence on your consumers, business, and staff.

4🗓️ Step 5: Develop a plan

Develop a proposed action – or a series of actions – to address the issue. What are your options for resolving or lessening the problem’s severity? Who is in charge of repairing it? How does the timeline appear?

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