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Formal Meeting Agenda Template

Use this formal meeting template (inspired by Robert's Rules of Order) to make your meetings more effective.

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What’s inside this Formal Meeting Agenda Template:

Inside this formal meeting agenda template you’ll find an overview of the areas you need to report on as the minute taker. 

Before you begin, don’t forget to write down the names of the meeting facilitator and invitees at the top of the agenda!

1 Call to order

State the time, meeting location and the name of the organization.

2 Roll call

Record who was present at the meeting.

3 Approval of minutes from last meeting

Board members review and approve the minutes from the previous meeting.

4 Open issues

Review items that the board has previously discussed and are ready for formal approval. 

5 New business

Invite discussion and facilitate debate around new business items.

6 Adjournment

To close the meeting, the facilitator thanks the members for attending and declares the meeting adjourned. This action should be recorded in the meeting minutes.

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