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Growth Team Meeting Template

Discuss current growth experiments, review results, and determine which growth hacks to test moving forward.

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What is a Growth Team Meeting?

Like the name indicates, growth team meetings are all about growth! These meetings are a decision making forum where a diverse group of team members meet to discuss current growth experiments and growth projects, review results, and determine which growth hacks to test moving forward. 

Who attends Growth Team Meetings?

At Fellow, Mauricio Idarraga (Growth Product Manager) is joined at growth team meetings by our CEO, Data Scientist, and Growth Software Developer. Fellow’s growth team meetings are also occasionally attended by other members of the team on a project basis to discuss the impacts of growth experiments on marketing, product design, customer success and business operations. 

Meeting frequency: weekly 

Growth team meetings happen on a weekly basis at Fellow, which Mauricio explains is due to the short nature of growth experiments and growth projects. Because these initiatives have short cycles, there are often new growth projects and experiments launching and new results available each week, which are reviewed, discussed and decided on at the growth team meetings. However, while growth team meetings happen at the same time each week, Mauricio explains the length of the meeting often varies based on the number of decisions to make and the amount of data available to make the decisions. 

To help your team adopt weekly growth team meetings we’re sharing Mauricio’s meeting agenda template.  

What’s inside this growth team meeting template:

1 CEO’s Corner

The first section of this growth template is the CEO’s Corner. This is a place where our CEO presents any growth-related information or ideas that he wants to share with attendees. Often this includes ideas for new growth hacks or experiments and insights from various areas of the company. 

The items shared by the CEO during this part of the meeting are then taken offline by the attendees to gather data, generate comprehensive responses, and prepare supporting arguments for the next growth team meeting. 

2 Triage

Following the CEO’s Corner, the next part of growth team meetings are spent on triage. The triage phase of the meeting is when team members present ideas that are semi-formed. Often, these ideas stem from items presented during the CEO’s Corner of the previous growth team meeting. 

Triage allows team members to submit their early-stage, draft ideas to feedback from other growth team members, and determine whether to move forward to the necessary investigation or research needed for the project.

Ideas that are given the green light during the triage phase are then taken offline again for further development.  

3 Pitches

The next section of Fellow’s growth team meetings is spent on pitches. At this time ideas that were previously passed through triage are presented with the additional research undertaken by the growth team. 

Once an idea has been pitched, a decision is made as to whether it should be carried forward to implementation. The nature of the ideas being pitched helps direct who, beyond the growth team members, should be present at each meeting to contribute to the decision making process. 

4 Upcoming

In order to keep track of all of the growth initiatives happening simultaneously, the Upcoming section of the growth team meeting is used to share updates on previously-pitched ideas that are currently in development, and their status on the path to implementation.

5 Running

Following a brief review of upcoming projects and experiments, the growth team provides an update on all of the initiatives that are running. During this time, the team reviews the data or results collected up until that point, and makes a decision as to whether to continue the project or experiment as is, pause and adjust, or stop.  

6 Action Items

As decisions are made at each stage of the growth team meeting, action items are determined and assigned in order to move ideas forward. The final few minutes of Fellow’s growth team meetings are spent reviewing any action items to ensure team alignment and determine the projects and experiments to address at each phase of the next meeting. 

Fellow’s growth team meeting agenda is specifically designed to ensure the necessary decisions are made each week to ensure efficiency in moving projects and experiments forward and ongoing organizational growth. As Mauricio explains, it’s a major red flag if decisions aren’t being made during your growth team meetings, and may be worth further investigating any barriers. 

Similarly, Mauricio also notes that a successful growth team meeting leaves team members feeling unblocked and with clearly-defined next steps. 

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