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Product Positioning Meeting Template

Before you start building products and planning strategies, it’s a good idea to conduct a product positioning exercise. Use this template to do so.

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What’s inside Product Positioning Meeting Template:

1 👤 Define your customer

Who would buy your product or service?

2 ❓ Define the problem

What pain point are you solving for your customer? How does this problem impact your customers?

3 🔑 Define key market characteristics

What else do your customers usually buy? How do they buy it? What makes them switch products?

4 📝 List the other companies in your market

Are these companies your potential partners? Potential competitors? What is their business model? How have they been successful? How have they failed? What is their biggest pain point?

5 🚀 Design an elevator pitch

Your pitch should encompass your customers, their pain points, and how your product is uniquely positioned to solve their problem.

6 👇 Narrow down your competitors

Now that you have your pitch, list your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses relative to your offering.

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