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SaaS Scale-Up All Hands Meeting Template

Use this effective and efficient SaaS scale-up all hands meeting template to embrace trust, accountability and openess within your team.

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What’s inside this SaaS Scale-Up All Hands Meeting Template:

1 🆕 New hires

Give your new hires an opportunity to introduce themselves to the whole company.

2 📊 Product update

Take the time to honestly report on your teams progress against OKRs.

3🚀 Revenue update

Take the time to discuss revenue, leads, and CSAT scores.

4📚 Customer story of the week

Spend a few minutes every week providing insight into a particular customer and how they use your product. Any pain points?

5🌻 Special topics

Allow different teams to discuss different special topics they might want to share. Allow each update to be no longer than 5 mintues.

6🏆 Weekly awards

Have weekly awards and allow to your team to nomiate people for these awards before the session.

7🗣️ CEO’s musings

Allow your CEO to spend a few minutes talking about something that is top of mind.


End your session with a Q&A with questions sent anonymously beforehand or asked on spot.

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