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Seed Stage Startup Board Meeting Template

Use this board deck template to conduct best practice and effectiveness at your start-up's board meetings.

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What’s inside Seed Stage Startup Board Meeting Template:

1 Intro

This sets the scene for the meeting and ensures everyone agrees with the agenda.

2 Approvals

Making sure all the decisions get done before the meeting gets into the swing of things.

3 Commitments

What people said they would do and did or did not. This is for both you the founder and your board members.

4Big Picture

Your board does not know what you know, so share succinctly the key things they need to be aware of.


Adjust according to your business. You should most likely cover KPIs, financials, plan vs actuals and anything specific to you such as NPS.

6Company Building

This section details the nuts and bolts of how you are executing.

7Focus Session

Pick 2, no more than 3, ‘hot topics’ you really want to dig into. Set out the topic and a few key thoughts for discussion points.

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