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Top 10 Questions Great Managers Ask During 1-on-1’s

Use this template during your next 1-on-1 with your direct report to spark great conversations and learn more about your employees.

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What’s inside this Top 10 Questions Great Managers Ask During 1-on-1’s:

1💬 Talking Points

Things we should talk about.

  • How’s life outside of work?
  • What are your top priorities this week?
  • What’s one recent win and one recent situation you wish you handled differently?
  • Would you like more or less direction from me?
  • Are there any skills that you’d like to acquire in the short term?
  • How do you find yourself working with the team? Is there anything we can do to improve team culture?
  • Are our meetings a good use of your time? What can we do to improve them?
  • Do I give you enough feedback?
  • What’s something I should consider changing or start doing?
  • What are your long-term professional goals?

2✅ Action Items

What came out of this meeting?

3📝 Notepad

Anything else to write down?

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