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VC Pitch Meeting Template

Give potential investors a clear idea of the problem you're solving and the value that your team brings to the company.

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What’s inside this VC Pitch Meeting Template:

1 Company purpose

Explain what you do and why you exist. 

2 Problem

Establish the scope and size of the problem that your company is solving.

3 Solution

Describe how your product is helping a specific audience.

4 Traction

Key metrics (such as customer acquisition and growth).

5 Why now?

Why hasn’t someone done this before?

6 Market size

Add context to help investors understand the dynamics of the market. 

7 Competition

Are there similar solutions or products in this space? What makes your company stand out?

8Business model

A detailed explanation of your revenue model, customer acquisition costs, and customer lifetime value.

9 Team

Describe your team’s expertise and value to the company. 

10Financial projections

Present a realistic picture of the key metrics of your business and how they evolve over time. 

11 Closing thoughts

Key takeaways and reasons to invest.

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