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Backlog Grooming Meeting Template

Use this template for your backlog refinement meeting which usually takes place before a Sprint planning session.

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What’s inside Backlog Grooming Meeting Template:

1 Step 1 — User story discussion

The Product Owner presents a user story and the Development Team asks questions to get a common understanding.

2 Step 2 — Decompose

If discussions reveal that a user story is high level and complex, the team should break it up into more precise and detailed atomic parts

3 Step 3 — Voting with Planning Poker Cards

Everyone in the Dev Team makes up their mind about the number of story points for this user story. Usually, there are up to three voting rounds for each user story.

4 Step 4 — Looking for trade-offs

The Product Owner should influence estimation by helping the dev team understand and select trade-offs, but the final decision is theirs.

5 Step 5 — Follow-Up with Additional Questions

Collect feedback from your peers regarding your work the previous year.

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