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Performance Review Meeting Template

Performance/Annual reviews can be daunting. Use this template as a guideline and mind easer for your reviews.

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What’s inside Performance Review Meeting Template:

1 Accomplishments

Talk about how things have been going since our previous review.

2 Impact

How did you impact your team/company or teammate last year?

3 Goals

Set goals for the year to come. Make about 3–5 of them and make sure to have them prioritized!

4 Review Prior Goals

If goals were set the previous year, make sure to review them!

5 Feedback

Collect feedback from your peers regarding your work the previous year.

6 Growth

How have you grown in the previous year? Talk about things that helped you grow as a person or professionally, that you did not plan for.

7 Non-Work Related Contributions

Community events, meet-ups, and/or impactful contributions you were a part of this year.

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