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Project Proposal Meeting Template

Use this template to provide background information on your project, discuss why it's necessary, and outline the steps you will take to execute it.

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What’s inside Project Proposal Meeting Template:

  • A project proposal lays out your objectives, targets, and strategies for achieving them. A project proposal, in general, provides background information on the project, discusses why it is necessary, and outlines the steps you will take to execute it.

1 Step 1-Executive summary

An executive summary functions in the same way as an abstract does before a publication. Use the executive summary to explain the initiative and gain support.

2 Step 2-Contextualize the project

Give the reader a little background information. Tell them about other projects you’ve worked on that are similar to theirs.

3 Step 3-Outline your needs

Keep in mind that the purpose of a project proposal is to get acceptance. Give your reader the information they need to succeed.

4Step 4-Showcase the problem you’re solving

Begin by describing the problem you’re trying to address for the reader. Explain why you believe it is critical to fix that specific challenge. Reframe the issue as a chance.

5Step 5-Create a budget and timeline

Make a rough estimate of how long this job will take to complete. Include some milestones that will let you know if the project is on track once they have been met.

6Step 6-Define the decision-makers

Determine which internal stakeholders will be in charge of the project. That way, the reader will know who to contact if they wish to collaborate or learn more about your company.

7Step 7-Lay out a communication plan

How do you intend to inform the world once you’ve completed the project? Tell your reader how your project will affect your audience and how you plan to communicate that influence to them.

8Step 8-Add any additional information

Many people add an appendix to their proposal that delves deeper into the details. You can utilise the appendix to include technical documents or statistics.

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