The 10 Best AI Tools for Business in 2024

Onboard AI-powered tools for improved team efficiency.

By Mikaela Friedrich  •   May 8, 2024  •   6 min read

AI isn’t a sci-fi concept anymore. It’s real, deeply rooted in our daily activities. Voice assistants like Siri might plan your weekly schedule, and Google Assistant might find you the shortest morning commute.

And AI-powered tools do more than make individuals’ lives easier. They offer productivity enhancing solutions for businesses, like reducing unproductive meeting behavior and automating task updates. In hybrid or remote workplaces, especially, these resources bridge the gap to ensure effective collaboration.

Look beyond your phone’s personal assistant feature and embrace all the possibilities AI offers. Read on to find the best AI tools for your business.

Top 10 AI tools for business

With hundreds of AI business solutions available, choosing is rather daunting. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you—here are 10 tools that offer the best of AI for your business.

1Fellow: Improve productivity through meeting efficiency

Fellow is an all-in-one meeting management solution that’s compatible with over 50 integrations. The AI Meeting Copilot auto-records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings. And the “Ask Copilot” feature lets you ask things like “What should I follow up on in the next call?” and “What did I miss?” 

Fellow also centralizes meeting-related information and provides time-saving templates for more efficient work discussions. And the mobile and desktop apps are available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Key features

  1. Integrates seamlessly with 50+ tools for productivity, communication, and project management, like Slack and ClickUp
  2. 500+ meeting templates available for general staff meetings, board discussions, and one-on-ones
  3. Real-time collaboration features like assigning action items and using collaborative meeting agendas
  4. Searchable and customizable notes with formatting options
  5. Calendar events like Zoom and Google Meet calls link to your notes and AI recaps for quick access
  6. Browser extension takes meeting minutes in real time and integrates with your video conferencing tools
  7. Access meeting notes from previous calls during recurring meetings, with uncompleted action items carrying over to the next meeting
  8. Employees and senior-level executives can provide feedback to improve meetings (and feedback can be anonymous)
  9. Collaborative agendas with assigned owners improve transparency and accountability for action items


  1. Free version available, trial includes 300 minutes of free AI recording and transcription; premium plans starting at $7

2ChatGPT: Save time by automating tasks

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a chatbot that automates tasks like writing emails, making reports, and coding. Its natural language processing model means ChatGPT understands and generates human-like text, so you can hand it assignments that require creative solutions while employees focus on other projects.

The ChatGPT app is available on most browsers, iOS, and Android.

Key features

  1. Advanced language models for generating contextually relevant conversations
  2. Can write, edit, code, and analyze data
  3. Provides multilingual support


  1. ChatGPT-3.5 available for free with limited AI capabilities; ChatGPT-4 (OpenAI’s premium option) starting at $20 per month

3Jasper: Create top-notch content

Jasper generates high-quality written content like blog posts, social media copy, and product descriptions. It’s a cost-efficient option for content creators, offering an algorithm that understands context and produces creative text.

Key features

  1. Generates original content based on brand voice
  2. Supports 25+ languages
  3. 50+ AI templates and 500+ prompts for quicker results
  4. SEO tools that help content rank higher on search engines
  5. User-friendly interface with team collaboration features


  1. Seven-day free trial; premium plans starting at $39 per month

4Gemini: Discover Google’s answer to ChatGPT

Gemini is a machine learning language model that uses Google’s powerful algorithms and database for writing, brainstorming, image recognition, and predictive modeling (predicting future trends based on historical data). It works seamlessly with most Google apps, making it a powerful AI tool for organizations that want to learn more from their Google-based data.

Key features

  1. Access to Google’s state-of-the-art AI technologies and database
  2. Smooth integration with Google Workspace for workflows
  3. Links to Google Cloud services for scalability
  4. Modern, intuitive interface


  1. Free trial for Android smartphone to access voice assistant; additional pay-as-you-go models depending on usage

5Tome: Generate immersive storytelling

Tome helps presenters tell compelling stories that captivate audiences. You can combine text, images, and interactive elements into engaging narratives for pitch decks and ads. It’s ideal for marketers, sales teams, and educators who want to capture attention while effectively conveying information in unique formats.

Key features

  1. AI-generated suggestions during presentation creation
  2. Team collaboration features
  3. Integrations including YouTube, Google Sheets, and Figma


  1. Free version with basic design features; paid plans starting at $16 per month

6BRICABRAC: Create apps without coding expertise

BRICABRAC lets you create applications without relying on code—simply enter a text prompt. With its intuitive interface and smart design assistants to guide you, even non-technical employees can design apps for internal use or customers. It’s a handy tool for companies requiring cost-effective design solutions.

Key features

  1. Simple drag-and-drop interface for putting design elements together
  2. AI-powered custom app generator with suggestions for design improvements
  3. Integrations with popular business tools
  4. Ability to export and save code after AI generates the app


  1. Two-day free trial; premium “Power Plan” starting at $68 per month Enhance marketing campaigns is a marketing resource that improves customer engagement through personalized chatbots and automated ad campaigns. The platform’s intelligent bots interact with customers in real time, answer queries, and guide the sales process to increase conversation rates. also has analytical tools that provide customer behavior insights.

Key features

  1. AI chats ideal for CRM and site visitor interactions
  2. Automated marketing campaigns across multiple channels
  3. Real-time analytics for data-driven decision-making
  4. Text prompts for AI-generated images


  1. Free for all users Stay on top of your emails is an email assistant that analyzes tone, style, and content and offers suggestions for more engaging, readable copy. It also tells you the best times to send emails based on recipients’ previous activity. 

This platform removes the guesswork from optimizing emails for various target audiences, making it ideal for those looking to save time and generate more leads.

Key features

  1. Real-time analysis and AI-powered suggestions for better content
  2. Templates for different scenarios to speed up email creation
  3. Email and activity tracking to reveal the best times to send emails
  4. Personalization assistant that learns your brand’s voice and style
  5. Seamless integration with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook


  1. Free basic plan; premium plans starting at $25 per month

9DALL-E 3: Create lifelike images based on textual descriptions

DALL-E 3 (another OpenAI tool) generates high-quality, lifelike images from text prompts. Use it to create unique visuals for marketing campaigns, product development, and content creation without hiring a professional designer.

Key features

  1. Unique, high-resolution images based on text and visual input
  2. Artistic exploration and experimentation with easy editing and variations
  3. An algorithm that understands current design trends


  1. Built into ChatGPT-4, but you can buy it separately from OpenAI; works on a credit-based system; pricing varies based on the number of images and resolution

10Motion: Optimize digital workspaces

Motion automates, schedules, and prioritizes tasks to streamline workflows. The tool’s intelligent algorithms analyze work habits and preferences to create personalized plans for employees. It also adapts to habits in real time, noticing when workers offload manual activities to focus on others and adjusting schedules accordingly.

Key features

  1. Automated task management and intelligent scheduling
  2. Real-time task prioritization based on personal habits and deadlines
  3. Calendar conflict resolution
  4. Analytics for productivity patterns
  5. Collaborative layout for remote and hybrid teams


  1. Free trial period with premium plans starting at $19 for individuals and $12 for teams

What to look for in AI tools for enterprises

Here are a few important factors to consider when choosing the perfect AI toolkit for your team:

  1. Security and privacy: Find tools that adhere to security standards and privacy regulations (like Fellow, which is regularly audited for SOC II compliance). Ideally, AI tools should have encryption and access controls so information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  2. Scalability: Look for scalable tools to handle increasing data volumes, accommodate more employee accounts, and update databases without sacrificing performance or reliability.
  3. Support: Most AI platforms include built-in assistants to resolve queries, but human-powered customer support is best for more complex issues. And the best tools offer self-help documentation and training resources (like a start-up manual) to get your team up and running.
  4. Integrations: Choose services that work with your existing communication and productivity platforms so you can share data and automate tasks from one place.
  5. User-friendliness: Incorporating AI into your organization for the first time often comes with a steep learning curve, so prioritize user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. The easier the tool is to use, the quicker you can onboard employees and maximize productivity.

Revolutionize team collaboration with Fellow

Every AI toolkit requires a meeting solution. With auto-recording, transcription, and summarizing, Fellow keeps meetings productive and teams on the same page. Plus, Fellow’s templates and integrations save you time crafting agendas from scratch and toggling between applications. 

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