Meeting Agenda Templates

Lenny Rachitsky's Product Meeting Template

Lenny Rachitsky’s Product Management Meeting Template

An agenda template to run effective Product Management team meetings and four best practices from Airbnb’s former Product Lead.

Quarterly Leadership Meeting

Quarterly Leadership Meeting Agenda Template

Use this strategic meeting agenda to help track and review your team’s high-level priorities and get aligned for operational success.

Peer one on one meeting Template

Peer One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template

A template to connect with your fellow managers and improve cross-departmental collaboration.

Remote one on one meeting

Remote One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template

Questions to build rapport, set priorities, and support employees that work remotely.

Quarterly Performance Review Template

Quarterly Performance Review Agenda Template

Use this performance review template to exchange feedback, celebrate wins, and set goals with your direct reports.

Leadership Team Meeting Template

Leadership Team Meeting Agenda Template

Drive the company forward and make strategic decisions by using this meeting agenda for leadership teams.

Sales 1-1 BDR Manager

Sales One-on-One Meeting Template

Coach and support your business development representatives with this weekly sales meeting template.

Project Retrospective Meeting

Project Retrospective Meeting Agenda Template

Help your team reflect on the learnings, challenges, and outcomes of a completed project.

Brainstorming Meeting Agenda

Brainstorming Meeting Agenda Template

Foster an environment of collaboration and innovation with this brainstorming session meeting agenda.

First Team Meeting Agenda Template

First Team Meeting Agenda Template

Want to get your new team off to a great start? Use this first team meeting agenda template to set the tone for success.

OKR Goal Setting Template

Quarterly OKR Goal-Setting Template

Use this template to set actionable and measurable objectives and key results (OKRs) with your direct reports.

Project Kickoff Meeting

Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template

Lay the foundation for a successful project by ensuring that everyone on the team is on the same page.