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Leadership Team Scrum Meeting Template

Use this template to be as efficient and productive as possible at your next leadership team scrum, in order to not waste any time.

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Weekly Leadership Team Scrum Meeting Template:

1 😊 Personal good news

To start off allow each person to deliver personal good news for a minute.

2 📊 Review KPI insights

At about 5 minutes into the meeting, allow your team to review KPI insights.

3🚧 Roadblocks

At about 10 minutes, allow your team to discuss any roadblocks. If anyone is feeling stuck it is the team members duty to help them get “unstuck”. If they are unable to, the roadblock gets added onto the issues list.

4👈 Last week

At about 20 minutes, allow your team members to discuss what had happened in the previous week.

5✔️ Open action items

At about 25 minutes, allow your team to go over any action items that were or will be set.

6🗒️ Issues list

At about 30 minutes, allow your team to build and proritize an issues list. Prioritize any issues tied to annual initiatives as well as anything that needs to be resolved in 5 business days.

7⚖️ Debate

Take about 50 minutes to discuss each subject one at a time, in order of importance. The person who brought up the problem is given 30 seconds to say what’s on his or her mind.

8✅ Action Items

Each action item resulting from the debate has a single owner and a deadline.

9❓Meeting rating

Rate the meeting on a scale of 1-10.

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