Meeting Agenda Templates

Exit Interview Meeting Template

Gather honest feedback about company culture, team morale, and your management style by asking departing employees these 6 exit interview questions.

Daily Standup Meeting Agenda

Daily Standup Meeting Agenda Template

Use this daily scrum template to foster accountability and communication across your team.

One on One With Your Manager

One-on-One Meeting with Your Manager Agenda Template

5 key topics + pro tips to have a successful one-on-one meeting with your manager.

All Hands Meeting Agenda

All-Hands Meeting Agenda Template

Foster a culture of collaboration and open communication with this all-hands meeting template.

Sprint Planning Meeting

Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda Template

Determine what backlog items the team will work on during the next sprint.

Project Status Meeting

Project Status Meeting Agenda Template

Share project updates, identify roadblocks, and assign action items during your project status meetings.

New Employee First One on One Meeting

First One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template

Kick-off your first one-on-one meeting with a new team member using this specially-crafted template.

Marketing Team Meeting Agenda Template

Marketing Team Meeting Agenda Template

Use this marketing meeting template to track metrics, discuss the team's learnings, and address roadblocks.

Skip Level Meeting Template

Skip-Level Meeting Agenda Template

A template to run effective skip-level meetings + Expert advice from Jason Wong, Steven Sinofsky, Kim Scott, Julie Zhuo, and Camille Fournier.

Sales Meeting Agenda Template

Sales Team Meeting Agenda Template

Want to close more deals? Use this 5 sales meeting agenda topics to run sales meetings that drive great results.

Remote Team Meeting Agenda

Remote Team Meeting Agenda

A specially crafted agenda template for remote and distributed team meetings.

One on One Meeting Template Chronological

One-on-One Meeting Template [Chronological]

Structure your one-on-one meetings based on past challenges, present priorities, and future opportunities.